With the pandemic still ongoing, many couples will be planning their 2021 wedding around restrictions, which can mean inviting guests to attend virtually. For some couples, having online guests is not just about virus restrictions, either – it also allows them to invite more people to their special day than venues can accommodate, even under normal circumstances.

Whether you’re having most of your guest list watch from home or you want to include a select number who couldn’t otherwise make it, there is no reason not to send out traditional wedding invitations to online guests. As they won’t be at the wedding physically, an invitation is a lovely keepsake of the day in the absence of favours.

Here are a couple of points to remember when sending out invitations for an online wedding:

Be clear

You could well have some invites destined for your in-person guests, and these should have different wording to the invites for your online guests. Make sure you clearly state somewhere on the invite that you are inviting them to attend virtually. You could mention your regret at not having them attend in person, which will make the distinction even clearer.

Codes and passwords

You may want to keep your invite simple and add an insert for the online meeting code and any passwords. Include the timings throughout the day, such as the ceremony time and speeches. So that guests aren’t “arriving” when you’ve already started the ceremony, suggest ample time to get logged in and await the bride.

This may feel like uncharted waters, but your wedding stationery designer can help you with wording and designs for all your invitations.