It’s the age-old question for couples writing their wedding invitations – should you let single guests have a plus one?

If you have the budget and venue space, then go for it. However, if you are restricted in terms of guest numbers, here are some pointers for keeping it simple and fair:

Create your must-haves list first

The most important point is to ensure that everybody you want at your wedding is there – don’t sacrifice a loved one for the sake of a plus one you don’t know. If you complete your must-have list and there are spaces for extras, you can start deciding who gets to bring somebody.

Have a rule and stick to it

It’s your wedding, so you can make up the rules. However, to avoid offence and arguments, try to stick to your rules. Perhaps you only invite plus ones who you have met yourself, who have been a partner of a guest for at least six months or who live with or are engaged to your guest.

Priority invites

If you have some space for plus ones but there isn’t enough for everyone, give priority to your wedding party and the guests who are closest to you.

Keep these points in mind when writing your wedding invites. If you have any single guests without plus ones who won’t know anyone at the wedding, it might be nice to make some introductions before the big day so that they don’t feel like the odd one out at the table.