You’ve sent out your wedding invites and are busy getting on with all the other points on your wedding to-do list. You get the first flurry of RSVPs in, so you start forming your final guest list, but as time goes on, you realise that there a few stragglers.

So, what should you do about those people who haven’t responded?

Set a deadline

Come up with a date to start chasing up the invites. Leave plenty of time between this date and the final deadline for caterers and venues.

Make contact

If your mental deadline has come and gone, it’s time to start making contact. Send people individual messages, rather a group message, or pick up the phone. A message like the following is friendly but clear:

“We hope you received our invite and would like to join us on our special day, but we are still waiting to receive your reply. Could you let me know by (insert date) so that we can let our venue know numbers please.”

Remove from the list

If you still don’t get a reply from this message, you could send one last message, perhaps adding that if you don’t hear back within a couple of days, you will assume they can’t come. At this point, you are perfectly entitled to remove them from the list and move on.

It’s very frustrating when people don’t reply, especially when this is such an important day to you. Try not to dwell on it and refocus your energy into the guests that are going to attend.