In the whirlwind world of weddings, everything is constantly evolving. If you want to stay on-trend for your big day this year, have a look at this list of the latest innovations in wedding invites:

Geometric style

Geometric designs are big news in the world of graphic design, and wedding invitations are no exception. Cards can be emblazoned with bold, angular shapes, or decorated with a pattern using sharp, straight lines such as chevrons.

Wearing a wreath

Wreath-like shapes are all over the latest wedding stationery. Sometimes the entire text is enclosed within a border of greenery and flowers, while other cards display just the happy couple’s names within a pretty floral wreath. Winter wreaths are ideal for festive nuptials, while for spring or summer weddings, brighter and lighter colour schemes suit perfectly.

Flirty florals

Floral and foliage designs are perennially popular when it comes to weddings. With a huge range of styles available, the floral element can be as brash or as subtle as you like. From a stylised peony peeking over the edge of the card or a border of small daisies, to a bold and colourful bouquet or garland in a modern or vintage style, flowers are still big news in the world of wedding stationery.

Lovely lace

Ever since the world set eyes on “that dress”, lace has been big news in the fashion and wedding business. A pretty lace trim in a colour to complement the wedding theme can make for an understated, sophisticated style of card, so there’s no reason why we should see an end to this trend any time soon.