With the enchanting glamor of its castles and the timeless charm of its idyllic scenery there can be no doubt that Wales makes a wonderful choice of location for a wedding. From the picturesque hamlets in Pembrokeshire to the coastal beauty of Barafundle Bay, the Welsh landscape provides plenty of possibilities for such a romantic occasion, and Wales is a country steeped in rich tradition and colourful pageantry.

If you’re choosing to celebrate your big day in Wales, you might wish to consider honouring this stunning part of the world on your wedding invitations. The following are some ideas that might stand you in good stead for styling your stationery with a Welsh design.

The symbols of Wales

An effortless symbol of spring, the daffodil is also the national flower of Wales and traditionally worn on St David’s Day. A decorative design of daffodils is a perfect way to simply celebrate Wales on your wedding invites.

The Welsh Oak tree, also named the Sessile Oak, is the national tree for Wales. Adorn your invites with oak leaves or the tree itself to symbolise the natural beauty of Wales and the growth of your love as you take new steps in matrimony.

The red kite is known as a national symbol for the wildlife of Wales; with its wings spread in flight, it makes an attractive shape that could be used to make a patterned border on your invitations.

The colours of Wales

While the fierce red dragon on the Welsh flag might not be the first choice to feature on a wedding invitation, the colours of the national flag could create striking invitations to your wedding. Pristine white and passionate red, with the green having connotations of growth and freshness, might make for a unique colour palette that pays tribute to your event’s Welsh setting.

The sunny yellow of Welsh daffodils is an ideal colour to paint your stationery with. Place it on a white background to make it pop out and show the springtime of your love across your cards.

The traditions of Wales

If you would like to give a subtle nod to Wales on your wedding invitations, what better way than to add a flavour of the country’s traditions for tying the knot?

Traditionally, brides of Wales have long believed that to be woken by birdsong was lucky for their weddings. Birds in silhouette or flying free from their cage make perfect motifs for wedding stationery.

Wedding in Wales

A well-known tradition for Welsh weddings was for the bride to carry myrtle leaves in her bouquet to symbolise love in life. She would give cuttings from the myrtle plant to her attending bridesmaids and, if they should blossom, it was said that such girls would marry. These beautifully shaped leaves are not only especially suited for bouquets, but are a well suited design suggestion for your wedding invitations as well.

However you choose to honour this beautiful land on your invites, you’ll feel proud to send out stationery summoning your friends and family to your Welsh wedding.