As the end of 2019 draws closer, it’s time to look forward to the weddings of next year. Nature, sustainability and individuality are all making waves on the wedding front – here’s what that means for the weddings of 2020.

1. Nature

From hairstyles to floral arrangements, a key wedding trend that’s increasing in popularity is embracing the natural. Out go elaborate or fussy hairstyles, making way for more natural tousled waves or loose up-dos. For flowers, this bias towards nature means opting for wildflowers or even dried flowers rather than hothouse blooms, and many couples now choose petal confetti too.

2. Sustainability

Princess Eugenie was hot on this trend with her plans for plastic-free nuptials, and other brides are apparently also seeking ways to lessen their wedding’s impact on the environment. While wedding invitation cards are normally recyclable, new ways of making a difference include requesting charity donations in lieu of gifts and using locally-grown produce. The bridesmaids’ dresses can even be significant, if those chosen are designed for wearing again rather than intended to be worn once.

3. Individuality

Hailey Bieber is likely to have started a whole new trend with her “till death do us part” statement veil, while jewellers report an increase in the number of couples choosing the engagement ring together. Couples are now opting for clothing, jewellery, decor and flowers that truly reflect them and their partnership. Wedding outfits are also following this inclination towards the individual, with dress designers focusing on more mature brides as well as those who don’t want to wear a traditional-style gown.