A British bride-to-be has made the news after saying she was shamed by so-called friends after revealing her choice of budget wedding dress.

In an effort to keep wedding bills under control, the unidentified user of Mumsnet opted for a bridal gown from high street store H&M, but was unpleasantly surprised by the reaction she received.

The choice of dress was not all about the price tag. The woman stated that she had found her dream dress quite by accident, after she stumbled upon a photo of the dress from the high street fashion chain. This led her to the store’s website, where she managed to snap up one of the last few dresses left in stock.

When posting to Mumsnet, the bride-to-be shared a photo of an H&M model wearing the dress, and said:

“Everyone agreed that the H&M dress was the one – it fitted really well and looked well made.”

While she was very relieved to have found something that was just right and affordable into the bargain, not everyone approved of the bride’s selection. Apparently people described as “good friends” asked if she was really going to wear that particular gown, while others inquired about when she planned to visit a “proper shop.”

Fortunately, not everyone was negative. Some described the gown as “beautiful”, while others celebrated the fact that there would be more money for other essentials, such as wedding invites, catering and flowers, the honeymoon or items for the marital home.