Recent research carried out by suggests that some wedding traditions may be becoming a thing of the past.

The website surveyed over 2,000 married young adults, wed for two years or more, and uncovered some intriguing statistics that would seem to reflect the changing attitudes of younger generations.

According to the survey, 16% of newlyweds had no wedding rings, and 9% apparently got a wedding ring tattoo in place of a ring made from precious metal. Over half (56%) claimed that rings were simply too costly, while 21% claimed that traditional rings were just not personal enough.

Fathers may be forced to take a back seat when it comes to the wedding party too. More than two thirds (68%) claimed not to have sought the permission of their partner’s father before proposing, and on the big day itself 29% did not walk down the aisle on the arm of their dad.

Perhaps most surprisingly, 18% of couples did not have a wedding cake, although the tradition of sending wedding invitation cards seems still to be going strong.

Maybe less surprising news is that church weddings are decreasing. Most (62%) of couples tied the knot elsewhere, rising to 72% for same-sex couples.

Money Saving Heroes’ spokesperson George Charles said:

“Traditions get passed down through generations, but people are beginning to turn their backs on all things traditional… trading rings for tattoos… shows that a lot of faith is being put into these relationships.”

While wedding traditions may be changing with the times, it seems that people are still firmly committed to forming a lifelong partnership.