Every couple will want different things for their wedding, which could mean everything from the choice of venue, outfits, flowers, decor, food or music, to the design of the wedding menu cards.

One bride has hit the headlines, however, after posting her potential wedding day shoe choices on social media.

Facebook page “That’s it, I’m wedding shaming” was where the bride posted four photos of footwear, asking page visitors which ones she should opt for.

While the shoes were all white and therefore traditional in terms of colour, the styles were not quite what one might consider standard wedding attire. Two pairs were lace-up trainer style shoes, each pair decorated with sparkles or glitter. A third pair comprised wedge-heeled, lacy peep-toe sandals, and the fourth was a pair of Crocs.

The white Crocs with added sparkle were apparently the bride’s preferred option, with her saying that they would be comfortable as well as amusing.

Reasons were given in support of each choice, and financial matters were given more than just a nod too. The Converse and Vans were described as “cute and comfy”, and the bride mentioned that these could easily be worn again following the wedding.

The heeled sandals, meanwhile, were said to be “cute”, while the bride stated that she always had the option of selling those on after the big day.

The reactions from Facebook members were mixed. One said “please do not wear wedding Crocs”, while another bride-to-be stated that she would also “be changing into Vans or Converse for my reception”.