We are living in an increasingly digital era, where much of life is conducted via a screen. There is even a growing trend towards digital wedding stationery, but the idea of electronic wedding invites still leaves some people divided.

Here, we look at three reasons why we feel traditional still outweighs digital when it comes to wedding invites:

Will it be received?

You can’t guarantee that people will open their “snail mail”, but there is no doubt that the look, feel and weight of a wedding invitation envelope will grab the attention of your guest more than a subject line in their inbox. When you add on the issue of emails ending up in the junk folder, paper invites seem a safer bet.

Will it be responded to?

Most guests will receive an invite and respond, paper or otherwise. However, the harsh reality is that people receive so many offers and invites via their email inbox, an e-invite can carry less weight than a postal one, and it may not be taken as seriously. There may even be the underlying feeling that it’s a casual invite to a casual affair.

Will it be kept?

Many guests like to keep their wedding invites as a keepsake, particularly if they are a close relative or loved one. Printing off an e-invite onto basic printer paper will simply not have the same effect as top-quality stationery selected to maximise your design.

In summary, while more and more of our lives become screen-based, traditional paper wedding invitations are timeless and speak of the importance of your big day.