Recent weeks have shown that nobody, from the Prime Minister to Prince Charles, is immune to the effects of the coronavirus. As for Princess Beatrice, her wedding had already been postponed from its original date, but the rearranged late May date is now a no-go too, and her plans have been shelved until 2021.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is now believed to be somewhere close to the peak. Last month, the Prime Minister announced that people the public must remain at home, only going outside to shop for necessities, to care for someone vulnerable, for medical reasons, to exercise once per day or to travel to work if absolutely necessary. The situation is due to be reviewed later in the coming weeks.

Boris Johnson also banned all social events, including weddings. Some couples have already thus cancelled, but as the pandemic is not expected to peak in the UK until May or June, plenty more wedding dates are at risk.

If you took out wedding insurance, many policies will consider claims on an individual case basis. They may not cover the effects of coronavirus, however, as it may be termed a “notifiable disease”. Many insurance providers have now suspended all new policies too.

It may be worth contacting suppliers now, starting with the venue, to see if there is any possibility of moving to a later date – a step some couples are already taking. If that is an option, then it is well worth weighing up before sending out your “save the date” wedding cards.