Establishments in Wales that come hand-in-hand with weddings – like pubs, cafes and restaurants – have been permitted to reopen as of last Monday, but can currently only serve customers outdoors.

Those who are keen to enjoy a pint alongside some traditional pub grub will not only have to hope for good weather, but also that their local haunt is one of those whose owners have decided to open the doors.

Businesses are predicting only around a quarter of the turnover seen pre-lockdown, so experts expect that about half of bars and eateries will have opened from mid-July. Many have said they will wait until customers are allowed to dine and drink indoors, and this will be allowed from August 3, as long as COVID-19 infection rates continue to fall.

Also of interest to Welsh brides- and grooms-to-be is that self-catering accommodation opened in Wales a couple of days prior to pubs and cafes, on Saturday, July 11, while hairdressers have also been allowed to open for business from Monday, July 13.

There are challenges for those venues who have no outside space for seating customers, and many of those are to remain shut for the time being. Even those with beer gardens – such as The Commercial in Gowerton – are already sharing on social media that they may not open at all if bad weather is expected.

The Welsh lockdown is gradually easing, but it may be best to hold off a little longer on sending those wedding invites out in Cardiff. Despite the relaxations around hairdressing salons and eateries reopening, the rules regarding weddings are still very strict with limitations around singing, exchanging rings and so on. Serving food and drink is not yet permitted either.