A Welsh rugby hero swerved the post-match celebrations in favour of making an appearance at his friends’ wedding reception.

After playing his part in securing a 25-7 victory against Ireland at the Six Nations in Cardiff on March 16th, lock forward Adam Beard took a 56-mile journey to the Gower Peninsula to ensure he was present for his close friend’s occasion.

Stunned guests at the wedding after-party were taken aback as the Welsh rugby star entered only a matter of hours after being photographed with Prince William and the Six Nations Championship trophy.

Beard’s friend in question was former Ospreys hooker Joe Davies. Beard explained:

“He’s one of my best mates and I more or less went straight there after the game on Saturday.”

Knowing Beard’s Grand Slam calendar, his friends no doubt considered him a no-show when they posted out their wedding invitations, but Beard said:

“I’ve known Joe since we were about 17 and told him and his new wife Tiffany I would be there but I don’t think they believed me with Wales winning the Grand Slam.”

Not wanting to steal the spotlight from the happy couple, Beard attempted to keep a low profile but his towering build gave him away. Guests quickly spotted the lock forward in the function room of the Oxwich Bay Hotel.

After the big night, Beard stayed on at the Oxwich Bay before meeting with friends at the Birchgrove Rugby Club on Sunday for a proper Grand Slam celebration.