The wedding invitations will have been sent and organisation should be well underway, but according to a Daily Express poll, viewers are divided over whether or not Princess Beatrice’s forthcoming wedding should be shown on TV.

The Express asked readers the question, “Should Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding be televised like Eugenie’s?” The response was negative from over 60% of those who responded, saying that the wedding should not be broadcast to the nation.

Around a third (34%) of viewers did think that Eugenie should have her day in the spotlight, however. Eugenie’s sister, Princess Beatrice, did not have her wedding broadcast by the BBC, although it was shown in full on ITV. It was also available via live streaming on YouTube.

Princess Eugenie’s wedding was funded by the taxpayer, whereas Beatrice’s will not be, as stated in 2019 by Buckingham Palace. Eugenie hit the headlines for her choice of wedding gown, a backless number specifically designed to show off her scoliosis scar from surgery she had in early life. The York sister was praised for exposing her scar, and promoting the idea that such imperfections were nothing to hide.

Royalist may now be wondering whether the recent statement from Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will have any bearing on how the TV changes decide to proceed. The couple plans to step down as senior royals, meaning that the spotlight could shift onto others instead. Their big day was certainly a big hit with the public, although it was watched by around a third fewer people than his brother Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton.