With a spring wedding on the cards, time is running out to get those invitations ready, but perhaps you’re not sure quite where to begin. It might seem a tricky task, but with our top tips, we’ll get your spring wedding invitations styled up in no time.

Wedding invitation cards might be small, but they’re very important. They give your guests their first glimpse of your big day and you want them to hit the right note. Consider what kind of wedding yours will be, is it a formal affair or current and contemporary? Perhaps your style is unique to you. Think about your wedding colours, as these too can be reflected in your cards. Custom wedding invitations are now perfectly possible with talented stationers tailoring cards to reflect individual tastes, so make sure you take advantage.

You’ve chosen spring for your wedding and want your invitations to reflect this wonderful time of year. Through a choice of theme, style and colour, you can achieve just that.

Everything you need to consider is right here:

Choose a theme for life

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year to walk down the aisle. With so many new flowers starting to bloom, floral themes are the perfect choice for spring wedding invitations. Highlight this stunning season with bright daffodils a symbol of spring, or for something more subtle, adorn your invitations with new blossoms and butterflies. Entwined vines also make excellent decorative borders and symbolise you and your partner’s journey together.

Style it up

You’ve decided on a theme, so now let’s add some style! Delicate watercolour designs can evoke the pale early light of a spring day or, for a bolder spring bursting with new blooms, try strong silhouettes of your favourite flowers.

Choose your colours

From the pastel pink of cherry blossom, to the ivory-cream of carnations, spring paints with a wonderful palette. Celebrate the season with these gentle hues or revel in the riotous colours of spring on your wedding invitations with bright new greens and daffodil yellow.

Say it with more than words

The most important words on your spring wedding invitation may be the location and the time of day, but there’s far more to consider. There are many fonts to choose from, so why not pick one that complements your theme? Slender, graceful lettering with well-rounded curves symbolises new life, or choose an elegant serif font to mimic the abundant plants beginning to grow. Just remember when choosing a font to always keep it easy-to-read and be mindful of light lettering on coloured card, as you always want your print to pop out.

Now you’ve found your design, you can choose your wedding stationery. Always request samples before you make your selection, and remember to triple-check everything before you print. When it comes to your spring wedding invitations, you don’t want any mistakes!

If you can, include a stamped RSVP card – a good stationer will sell them to match your spring wedding invitations, often offering discounts when you purchase multiple types of stationery.