Most engaged couples will spend a reasonable length of time considering their wedding invites and wedding stationery in general. Wedding place cards are how your guests find their way to their seats at the wedding breakfast without feeling like lost sheep.

Here are a few tips for designing your place cards:

Easy to read

The main aim of the place card is to let your guests find their seat swiftly and easily. You need to make them readable and clear. There are some stunning calligraphy styles, but again, make sure it is still instantly recognisable, especially if you have a few guests with similar names.

Use your guests’ names

There is inevitably a guest or two who is a plus one – perhaps you have invited a single friend or cousin and invited them to bring a companion. If at the time of printing your place cards, you don’t know who they are bringing, give them a call to find out. Try to avoid putting “guest of” on a place card if possible.

Remember your surroundings

If your wedding is outside, avoid flimsy place cards that could blow away. If your wedding breakfast is going to be later in the day or in soft lighting, remember it is more difficult to read by candlelight, so go for something a little bolder.

Along with the rest of your wedding stationery, try to incorporate your general wedding theme and colours into your place cards. With a vast array of paper types, tones and lettering, you and your designer can get truly creative.