Here in the UK, there are no guarantees about the weather, regardless of the time of year. If you have picked a date for a winter wedding, you can be sure of a chilly day.

Winter weddings can be magical, cosy and romantic. Here are a few tips to consider to really make the most of your special day:

Match your stationery to the season

Choose wedding stationery that enhances the winter theme of your wedding. You could go for a palette of frosty blues and whites, or capture a more festive feel if your day is close to Christmas.

Layer up

Even if the majority of your day is going to be inside, you will probably want to get some photos outside, which can take a while. There are many bridal jackets, shrugs or wraps to add to your dress to make sure you don’t turn into your “something blue”.

Cosy lighting

While your ceremony might take place in the middle of the day, winter days in Britain are short, so very quickly you can be left in darkness. This is your chance to emphasise the romantic atmosphere with candles and fairy lights. If you have an outdoor space, you could even consider a firepit for some marshmallow roasting.

With any luck, your winter wedding will be dry and crisp, or even snowy. However, even if your day is a bit overcast and grey, don’t fret. Take solace in the fact that photographers prefer the lighting of an overcast sky and your wedding photos will look incredible.