So you’ve received the wedding invitations – and the big day is in midwinter. Winter weddings are on the increase, but how do you dress for an occasion that might take place during weather that includes subzero temperatures, snow or ice?

1. A dress

Dresses are very popular attire for summer nuptials, but what about winter? You can still opt for a dress, but you need to think a little differently. Heavier fabrics like velvet or those adorned with sequins are great choices; they might have been too warm during the summer months, but are now ideal. Rich, jewel tones like amethyst, emerald, garnet or deep blue sapphire will bring some warmth to the occasion too. You’ll need to layer a thick, smart coat over your dress, but what better excuse to shop for a new outdoor garment?

2. A suit

A classic, tailored trouser suit is a great choice for a winter wedding. Full length sleeves and trousers will keep you warm, while you can dress it up for the perfect look by selecting your top, shoes and accessories carefully. You could even go for a tuxedo if you feel like being noticed, as it’s a guaranteed conversation starter. To avoid looking like you’re dressed for work when wearing a traditional trouser suit, team it with embellished headwear and heels.

3. A jumpsuit

A twist on the trouser suit theme is a jumpsuit, and wearing one means there’s no need to worry about tights. As with a suit, you can accessorise just as you please, and there’s little danger of being mistaken for someone on their way to the office.