Weddings today have become more ‘anything goes’ than ever. Increasing numbers of brides opt for a dress that isn’t white or ivory, and the traditional three-tiered fruit cake is often replaced by naked, lemon or chocolate cakes or even a selection of cupcakes.

However there are still some ‘rules’ that any good wedding guest should never break, according to etiquette expert Diane Gottsman. Ignore these three at your peril…

1. Child-free means exactly that

If your wedding invitation states ‘regret: no children’ or something along those lines, then there are absolutely no exceptions. Why the couple have chosen to make this rule is entirely up to them – the reasons may be practical, financial or simply a matter of preference – but the point is it’s their wedding and their choice.

2. You cannot wear white

Although more brides are opting for dresses in subtle or shocking shades of pink or in fact any colour of their choosing, it’s still frowned upon to wear white or ivory to someone else’s nuptials. If the bride wants another colour that’s up to them, but it remains her prerogative and hers only.

3. No proposals

A wedding is a very romantic occasion, and all those flowers and lace combined with a drop or two of something chilled and fizzy cold easily go to one’s head, leading to a marriage proposal of their own. Remember, though – it’s their big day, not yours. Like the avoidance of wearing white, any hint of upstaging the happy couple on their most special of occasions is simply not on.