When it comes to wedding cakes, the first step is choosing the flavour. Once that’s settled, you can go wild and think about the theme. Here are some of the hottest wedding cake trends of 2019.

1. Dressed-up naked cakes

Naked cakes have been popular for some time now, but many wedding cake makers are now giving them a stylish makeover. As well as flowers, bakers are now decorating their masterpieces with drip patterns, edible gold leaf, unusual toppers, a variety of colours and flavours and more.

2. Buttercream creations

Harry and Meghan opted for three matching cakes displayed on separate stands, and each was decorated with a thick, luxurious layer of buttercream and adored with flowers. Other couples, meanwhile, are choosing a new twist on the traditional buttercream frosting, by adding textured pattern to it.

3. Geometrics

Geometric designs have made their way onto everything from the wedding invites to the venue decoration, and cakes are no exception. Bold patterns such as chevrons, triangles and even hexagons are currently wowing wedding guests all over the country.

4. Botanical beauty

Floral cake designs are perennially popular, with leaves and ferns as well as flowers being hand-drawn onto icing using food colouring. Botanical toppers are also favoured, as is adding some real greenery as a stunning finishing touch.

5. Towering tiers

Ultra tall cakes are now making headway in the world of weddings, with many couples choosing to display four or more tiers instead of the traditional three. Otherwise, one of Harry and Meghan’s cakes was a single super tall cake, or you could alternate short and tall tiers for a dramatic effect.