Stunning Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is such beautiful season for a wedding. It is full of fresh blooms and warmer weather and sunshine. It has a romantic, new dawn feel about it. 

A spring wedding makes me visualise lots of flowers! In your hair, tables, dress and wedding invitations. Let your feminine, girly side come out and go for it. You can let nature be a big factor too. I have comprised a few wedding ideas for a stunning spring wedding. Also, here are a few ideas for your stationery:

Daffodils Wedding Invitation

Watercolour Wedding Invitation

Blossom Wedding Invitation

Wild Flowers Wedding Invitation

1. Flowers in a teacup

2. Cherry Blossom

3. Eggs for a centrepiece

4. Upside down wine glasses

5. Wild Flowers in a tin

6. Floral purses