If you were planning a wedding that had since been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, you may be interested to learn that Zoom weddings are now a thing.

In New York, a city drastically affected by the coronavirus pandemic, a law has been passed to make tying the knot via video conference legal.

Although this has not yet happened in the UK, several couples have gone ahead anyway. While their ceremonies won’t be legally binding, a quick trip to the registry office at a later date should sort out that side of matters.

According to the Huffington Post, a Devon couple has to get wed on a particular date – as they were both permanently inked with it in the form of a foot tattoo. Rachel and Zoe from Devon hung bunting, painted their initials onto the fence and even constructed a makeshift, flower-trimmed aisle in their garden before broadcasting their ceremony to around 100 virtual guests. They even included readings, vows, exchanging rings and a first dance.

Meanwhile, in Croydon, a couple decided to “marry” in their one-bedroom flat. Sophie and Ben simply stated their vows to one another, and now consider themselves wed even though they cannot formalise their union until a later date.

If your wedding has been postponed because of COVID-19, you could proceed anyway in some form, if you want to. You could send wedding invitations for a virtual ceremony, as well as dressing up, arranging flowers and cutting the cake. Even if it’s just the two of you, rather than the 200 or so you originally planned, it can still be special.