With a growing number of couples postponing their weddings until the coronavirus pandemic has passed, they may want to know the key trends for weddings that are scheduled for 2021 and beyond. Here are some of the key trends we’re likely to see:

Heartfelt sentiments

As the happy couple and their guests reflect on recent times, weddings are likely to be full of meaning. Personalised messages on wedding place cards, for example, may take time to compose, but are set to be a key trend for future celebrations with family and friends.

Buy British

An increasing number of couples are likely to support the UK’s very own network of boutiques, suppliers and other independent businesses. After the restrictions of lockdown, going out to look at dresses and try them on will feel like a real luxury. More people will opt for independent online shops and suppliers, especially when local designers can supply their wedding stationery and decorative items.

A traditional take

Industry experts think that the weddings of 2021 will focus in particular on creating special moments with family and friends, that will then become precious lifelong memories. Timeless dresses and outfits, floral themes and traditional speeches will win out, while local childhood venues are chosen for the ceremony and reception.

Local suppliers

More and more people have been sourcing goods locally, and this trend is likely to grow in 2021 and beyond. From the personalised wedding invitations from a Cardiff company to the floral displays and bouquets and the reception meal and drinks, newlyweds might well want to show their support for local small businesses.