Your wedding theme dictates the mood, decor and colour scheme for your big day, so it’s important to consider it before ordering your bespoke wedding stationery and other finer details. Here are some ideas on how to select a theme:


What sort of backdrop will your chosen venue make, and could this clash with your theme? You should ensure that your theme and venue complement one another.


A great wedding theme will reflect you as both individuals and as a couple. The right theme can also create harmony between various elements, such as the outfits, venue, decor and reception.


The season could be key – themes could be based around a summer beach, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. The season will also affect the flowers you can choose from and suitable colour schemes.


Your family history could also affect your choices. Anyone with Scottish ancestry, for example, may like to include thistles and tartan, or a family who live near the sea might like to opt for a coastal theme.


Is anywhere significant to you both – at home or worldwide? If you met overseas, you could use that country as a theme, or have a woodland theme if your first date was a picnic in the forest.


If you’re having trouble finding the theme for you, do some research on Pinterest or wedding websites. Keep any ideas you like, so you can consider and discuss them at a later date.

The possibilities for a wedding theme are boundless, and the most important element to remember is that it should make you happy.