When a people get hitched these days, it’s usually the case that they have already lived together, often for a number of years. Therefore, they will already have all the home essentials they could ever need.

So what do you give as a wedding present? Here are some alternative gift ideas.

1. Handmade art

You might be able to craft something yourself, or perhaps you would rather pay someone else to make some sort of beautiful keepsake. Either way, a handmade picture or ornament can make a gift the newlyweds will cherish.

2. An experience

For those who have everything, why not buy them some quality time together doing something they love – or something new? You can choose from an afternoon tea, wine or craft beer sampling, a day at a cookery school or race track, an evening at the theatre or stargazing, and many more.

3. A framed record

You can order a framed vinyl record, CD, DVD or even a book cover. Pick a song or title that means something to the couple, and add a personalised plaque for a truly unique gift.

4. A contribution

Instead of buying a gift, you could offer to fund a specific part of the wedding costs. Perhaps you could pay for some pretty wedding invitation cards, offer to make the cake or hire a classic car to drive them to the venue.

5. A kitchen gadget

Think beyond toasters and kettles, and you could opt for something that’s both useful and fun. How about a Nespresso machine. A bread, ice cream or popcorn maker can be a novel touch, as can an artisan food mixer?