Long gone are the days of bridesmaids wearing something unflattering and dated to ensure they don’t upstage the bride. Here are some of the latest styles that any bridal party would love to be seen in.

1. All white

White bridemaids’ dresses were once a no-no, but now the lightest of tones is growing in popularity. Many brides opt to dress each member of the bridal party in a different style of dress – both from their own and from each other. This works particularly well when the bride opts for a coloured gown of her own.

2. Colourful embroidery

Pretty, whimsical dresses adorned with embroidery in all kinds of colours are making a big impact. This works to great effect with florals, that can echo the style and shapes of the bouquets and wedding stationery.

3. Cool blue

Blue has been a popular choice for several years now, and this trend shows no signs of slowing just yet. Subtle, cool tones with purple or silvery undertones are right on-trend right now.

4. Mellow yellow

A sunny colour to brighten up even the darkest day, yellow can really give your wedding day a lift. Rich tones that resemble gold or bold shades of turmeric are top choices, and are guaranteed to put a smile on every guest’s face.

5. It’s a wrap

Wrap dresses fit and flatter almost any shape, meaning that the wrap dress trend is a favourite with modern bridesmaids. It’s also very forgiving when you might have overindulged, ensuring that the bridal party can spend the whole day in comfort – no matter what they eat, drink or dance to.