If you’ll be buying save the date wedding cards or other wedding stationery in 2020, here are some of the trends predicted to be the hottest of the year.

1. Marble swirls

Marble has been trending for several years, and looks set to remain popular well into 2020. Classic, twirling patterns of white and grey are predicted to be one of the key wedding invitation trends of the year, as they give stationery such a smart, contemporary and sophisticated look.

2. Foil printing

Foil printing adds an ultra-luxurious touch to any wedding invite. Typically, it is used to highlight the couple’s names, or for adding metallic accents. Sometimes, this is used to great effect on a marbled background, either over classic neutral swirls or subtle watercolour shades. It may also be used to complement floral patterns.

3. Geometric patterns

A cool alternative to florals and foliage, geometric patterns such as chevrons, crisscrossed lines and highly stylised shapes are likely to stay high on the hit list for any couple planning a wedding in 2020 or beyond. They’re smart and stylish, but a little out of the ordinary too.

4. Lovely lace

Florals aren’t the only feminine wedding stationery trend – lace is still highly sought-after too. A lace border gives a pretty touch to an otherwise fairly plain card, without detracting too much from key details such as the couple’s names.

5. Birds and butterflies

These are often used to embellish floral or foliage designs, the unique shapes adding particular interest to designs that feature only one, two or three colours.