The world’s largest bridal retailer is receiving much applause for its latest ad campaign, which shows a progressive step towards promoting diversity with its inclusion of a lesbian couple dancing at their wedding reception.

For over 60 years, David’s Bridal has dressed and accessorised women with everything they need to shine on their special day. Now, the clothier hopes to share that service with a wider selection of brides. Aware of the evolving wedding landscape now shifting to include an increased number of non-traditional elements, David’s Bridal is calling its latest campaign ‘Rewriting the Rules’.

David’s Bridal’s chief marketing officer Liz Crystal told Ad Age:

“We wanted to make sure this spot represented what we see from brides today. We value every type of bride.”

Despite this, cutting a contemporary path, the concept for the campaign is inspired by the traditional rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

The ad features a lesbian couple dancing and being interrupted playfully by the proud father of one of the brides, requesting a dance with his daughter. Alongside the same sex couple, a selection of other pairings less pictured in ads are shown. As an example, an interracial couple marry in a wood and, in another scene, a bride and groom are accompanied by their young daughter.

There is no accident to the campaigns timing either, with wedding invitation cards already being written for spring ceremonies.

The advert can be seen below: