A Derbyshire couple decided to tie the knot in a very unique way after their original plans were unable to go ahead due to Covid restrictions – by getting married underwater.

Having been together for five years, Christopher and Lisa Jackson wanted to celebrate their marriage doing something they both loved, and so their ceremony took place whilst the couple were immersed in the 864,000-litre oceanarium at the Bear Grylls Adventure Centre.

The couple, whose plans originally involved a wedding in Cyprus, decided to celebrate their union underwater as they had both trained together to become scuba divers. They were looking for an innovative way to keep guest numbers down because of the restrictions, and so wedding invitations went out for their aquatic ceremony.

The Jacksons were joined in the tank by Lisa’s trainee scuba diver daughter Elise, who was a bridesmaid. The eight guests in attendance were treated to an amazing spectacle when fish food was sprayed into the tank at the end of the ceremony, and the colourful fish swarmed around the couple like confetti.

Lisa, 38, had two wedding dresses on the day – her official wedding dress, and a plain one that she changed into for the watery nuptials. She had to sew weights into the second dress to stop it from floating up while under the water.

The couple took inspiration for their special day after seeing a similar wedding ceremony on the TV programme ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’.