Modern wedding invitations often come with a few extras, such as save the date cards beforehand, information about accommodation and a gift list. There’s also often a hint about the colour scheme and decor, as the invitation card often reflects this.

One bride may have gone a little over-the-top however. Her two-page letter to wedding guests covered everything from the ‘potluck’ reception to the four flavours of cookies the couple had chosen – along with the types of milk that would be served alongside.

The letter was shared via the ‘That’s it, I’m wedding shaming’ Facebook group, and includes details of the Facebook Live video streaming that the couple are making available to those who cannot attend their midweek nuptials.

The letter starts simply enough, with the bride apologising for the late invitations and granting her understanding to those who would not be able to attend her Wednesday wedding. However four ‘P.S.’ sections have been added after the main text.

The first gives the game away about the bride’s outfit, as she asks guest not to wear “anything that is a champagne color or pink of any kind.” The second additional section requests that guests eat before attending, as there will be “not a lot of food”. The fourth gives strict instructions regarding RSVPs, with the bride stating that she will “only stand by what I receive in email”.

It can be debated whether she is a complete bridezilla or simply a little nervous and anxious to get everything right, but it’s certainly food for thought for anyone planning their own big day.