The One Show’s Alex Jones posted an adorable image to Instagram on January 6 to mark the three-year milestone of her marriage.

Shot in black and white, the selfie showed Alex together with husband, New Zealander Charlie Thomson. Wrapped up warm on a ramble, the cosy couple were pictured in Somerset, and said they were:

“Celebrating three years of marriage with some much needed R&R and long country walks.”

Welsh-born BBC presenter Alex romantically called it:

“A rare weekend of just the two of us….remembering why we made those vows to each other.”

Rare might be the case for some time it would seem, because in 2017, their son Teddy was born and last month, Alex announced there would be a new addition to the family:

“A bit of news before we go. I’ve not been on the mince pies, there is a little baby [in there]!”

Greeted with over 10,000 replies and counting, her post was understandably well received. Congratulations for the occasion arrived in a flurry of messages from well-wishers, along with compliments on their choice of Somerset as a place in which to celebrate.

Wedding invites were underway back in 2015, calling friends and family to see Alex and Charlie walk down the aisle in the spectacular Cardiff Castle. The enchanting ceremony took place on New Year’s Eve that year, and it looks like Alex is certainly keeping to one of her more intriguing vows – namely, spending less time in the house and embracing the outdoors.