Buying ‘the dress’ is so exciting, I get goosebumps just thinking about when I went for the first time (It is right up there with receiving your wedding invitations :-D).

Here are 5 tips to help it run smoothly:

1. Try not to bring too many people – it can be overwhelming
You may find that too many opinions could confuse you and effect you choosing a dress. Maybe invite more of your bridal party to your final fitting, but just have one ot two people who you know will be honest and you trust.

2. Wear a strapless bra!
This is very important as you will want to see the full effect without trying to hide any lumpy bra straps.

3. Always try and book an appointment
Most bridal shops will require you to make an appointment. Try and book a few in one day, and then you will find it easier to compare.

4. Buy a dress in your current size
Buy a dress that fits you right now. If you buy one smaller, you will feel too pressured to lose weight. It can always be taken in.

5. Time is of the essence
Give yourself lots of time to shop. This way it will more enjoyable and stress-free. And more time to spend on the rest of your planning – like your wedding stationery!

Now go and enjoy one of the most memorable experiences of your life. This is your moment.